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Crystal Sex Toys

Crystal toys can be a perfect first place to start. They offer an earthly connection to you and your pleasure. By combining the powerful healing properties of crystals with sexual pleasure you can unlock new experiences and growth in your personal and interpersonal sex life.

Crystal sex toys can help center you, connect deeper with yourself, experience self love.

The solid, natural, smooth nature of crystal dildos bring a sense of empowerment in connection with mother earth. The pure beauty beholden in each piece can evoke strong sense of sexuality and eroticism. 

By combining intention, healing powers of crystal, powerful energy vibrations, you can utilize your self pleasure as a moment for personal discovery and growth.

There is truly unlimited potential for exploring a new realm of sexuality with crystal sex toys.

Crystal Sex Toys can be used similar to other sex toys:

• Embrace the toy for warmth, or enjoy the subtle coolness on your skin

• Set and intention by holding the  toy close to your heart. A perfect time to embrace a mantra.

• Start slowly, lubrication is encouraged, gently insert the toy into your vagina, bringing awareness to what feels best in the moment. 

• Crystal toys are perfectly rigid, therefore utilize caution in the angles and movements once inside your vagina. These toys do not bend like other silicon based toys. This rigidity can allow for deeper pressure and sensations to be explored.

We recommend washing your toy thoroughly with soap and hot water. Be very careful not to drop your toy as they are fragile and will break.

For extra hygienic use, we recommend cleaning the toy with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 91% or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Once cleaned with either solutions, the toy must be washed thoroughly with soap and  hot water again.

Yoni Eggs

Yoni, or the Sacred Temple, refers to a woman's vagina.

The Yoni Egg is a tool for providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for women who use them. A Yoni Egg is inserted into a woman's vagina where it can be carried with her or used as a tool for strengthening the pelvic floor. 

Strengthening the pelvic floor provides many benefits, increasing the retention of life and sexual energy and stopping its escape. Yoni Eggs increase sexual force and energy by strengthening the circulation in the vagina.  Women who use Yoni Eggs report higher levels of energy and libido. 

Yoni Eggs originated from ancient Chinese Taoism. As with any crystals, intentions can be set with the stone prior to use. Your intention can help to increase the healing properties. Yoni Eggs are often used for increasing self esteem, healing sexual trauma and increasing sexual energy. 

Many women chose to wear their Yoni Egg inside their vagina. It can be worn during the day, walking, doing yoga, ect, or while sleeping at night. Finding different areas of the vagina to wear your Yoni Egg can open you up to different experiences. Finding the perfect times to wear the egg is part of the journey.